Replica BVLGARI Launches New B-Series Bracelet

Replica Bvlgari Bracelet

Bvlgari has just launched a new jewellery collection – Replica Bvlgari Bracelet, with the brand’s initial “B” as a symbolic element. The new work uses a semi-open bracelet design. The two ends of the bracelet extend to the square shell and the metal lock. Replica Bvlgari Jewelry is concealed under the embossed “B” character bracelet, showing a simple and elegant modern style.
The rectangular bracelet measures 33mm x 16mm and is available in two material versions of 18K gold and sterling silver. The iconic “B” pattern on the Replica Bvlgari Jewelry. Gently open the Replica Bvlgari Bracelet to see the brushed gold or silver bracelet in a simple two-pin layout with a 0.005ct step diamond at the 12 o’clock position as a time scale, and the slender silhouette echoes the square bracelet. .
Gold Replica Bvlgari Jewelry with black leather bracelet, official price of 9550 euros; sterling silver bracelet with black or Tiffany Blue blue leather bracelet, official price of 3,300 euros.

Diamond legendary heritage for centuries

Over the past 150 years, Cartier’s name has been linked with those of the most famous diamonds in the world together, from “Louis Cartier Diamond” to “Hope Diamond” Blue Diamond drill from “Pasha Diamond” to “Taylor-Burton Diamond” powder even before the 4th century Mughal emperor gave his wife a “Taj Mahal Diamond,” also transfer to the hands of the jeweler Cartier.
These extremely rare treasures from one owner to the next dazzling a prominent name in the history of jewelry has become almost eternal existence.
Louis Cartier Diamond is the world’s only a few certified by the GIA over 100 carats of D color flawless (Flawless) of diamonds. In 1974, South Africa mined a weighing 400 karats of rough diamonds, with perfect color and clarity, the final cut for the diamond teardrop-shaped, such as baby size of a fist.
Named after the founder of the diamond from Replica Cartier Jewelry of Louis Cartier. In 1976, to celebrate Replica Cartier Jewelry founder Louis Cartier 100 anniversary of the birth, Louis Cartier Diamond has been exhibited to the public in New York.
Hope Diamond is the most famous of a Blue Diamond, produced in the 17th century from India Golconda diamond mines, it is free of any impurity element Type IIb diamonds, post-pillow-shaped cut weight 45.52 kt.
Cartier founder Louis Cartier was “Hope Diamond” is the owner of the first 18, in 1911 to sell it to American socialite Evalyn Walsh McLean, and Blue Diamond studded around 16 colorless diamonds to set off the main diamond color.
Pasha Diamond was originally a nearly 40-carat rough diamond octahedron, the first owner of the Egyptian monarch Ibrahim Pacha.
In 1933, the American socialite Barbara Hutton to Cartier purchased the diamond, and require re-cut so that “Pasha Diamond” has become a 38.19 karats of brilliant diamonds. In the 1980s, the diamond once again changed hands, purchased by a New York jeweler and cut to 36.22 kt.
American actress Elizabeth Taylor has had a pear-shaped diamond of 69.42 karats – “Taylor-Burton Diamond,” whose weight was ranked twelfth worldwide, setting a record public auction of diamonds, but also the largest private collection a.
The diamond in 1969 by the Richard Burton to Elizabeth Taylor’s husband buy Cartier, formerly known as “Cartier Diamond”, and achieve flawless D color grade level. “Taylor-Burton Diamond” was originally set in a ring, Elizabeth Taylor final decision will be made into a pendant on a necklace inlaid.
October 1947, Tanzania found a heavy 54.50 karats pink diamond, Canadian geologist John T. Williamson be presented to the then Princess Elizabeth Elizabeth II as a wedding gift, and cut into a 23.60 karats of brilliant diamonds .
In Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, Cartier This round will be entrusted to a custom pink diamond brooch Edelweiss – pink diamond as the main stone, a symbol of edelweiss flower, surrounded with a baguette and marquise cut diamonds as foliage. In 1981, Queen Elizabeth had worn the brooch to attend the wedding of Prince Charles.
In 2002, Cartier bought a diamond weighing 124.48 kt –Star of the South. Fengyun pale pink diamond is the world’s sixth largest cut diamond, originally owned by India Baroda maharaja Malhār Rāo. In 1853, it was discovered that Fengyun weighing 261.24 karats of rough diamonds in Brazil, and cut into a pincushion.
At the 2006 Paris antique Biennale, The diamond appeared again, Cartier be set in a platinum bracelet with brilliant-cut and baguette cut diamonds as decoration.
Star of South Africa mining in South Africa Orange River, the original stone weight 83.5 kt. Diamond original stone was originally discovered by a shepherd boy in South Africa, with 500 sheep, 10 cows, 1 horse sold at a price, to stimulate people’s exploitation of the Kimberley Mine.
The diamond has been sent to Amsterdam to be cut, was drop-shaped, at the end of 1910 produced by Cartier brooch works. 1974 Geneva auction price “South Star” has up to 160 million Swiss francs.
The diamond was discovered in 1880 in Africa, a mine is a Fancy Vivid Yellow Gold level. In the early 1950s, “Allnatt Diamond” was the owner of Alfred Ernest Allnatt commissioned Cartier make a flower shape brooch, the main stone is Fengyun yellow diamond.
In 1996, “Allnatt Diamond” sold in Geneva, and was re-cut, with brighter colors.
In 1928, the Indian maharaja Bhupindar Singh Patiala commissioned Cartier to design a platinum necklace to Fengyun yellow diamond as the main stone. This piece of jewelry is a necklace Cartier produced the greatest works were set with 2930 diamonds, total weight of nearly 1,000 carats. In 1941, large stones inlaid necklace was sold, this incomplete necklace purchased in 2002 and fixed by Cartier.
The Jubilee is the largest and most famous white diamond, the original stone weight 650.80 karats, discovered in 1895 in South Africa. The diamond was sent to Amsterdam were oval cut, carved out of a total of 88 section, the final weight of 245.35 kt.
After cutting, “The Jubilee” has been on display at the Paris Expo, Cartier jewelry designer Jeanne Toussaint also created a very modern special turtle shape of the diamond brooch, diamond is oval Fengyun shell, turtle limbs by brilliant cut and baguette cut diamonds inlaid.
The Star of East India is a 94.80 karats of diamonds mined originally from India. Originally set in a diamond pendant necklace, with a hexagonal emerald and pearl.
In 1908, the main US GOLD Thomas F. Walsh female Evalyn Walsh McLean price of $ 120,000 to Cartier purchased this pendant necklace. In 40 years of collection, “Orient Star” had been mounted on a Cartier made feather headdress, and also “Hope Diamond” with making a pendant. Currently this diamond is kept by Harry Winston.
English Dresden mining in Brazil in 1857, the original stone weighing 119.5 kt. The first owner of the Fengyun stones are British businessman Edward Dresden, he was first sent to Amsterdam diamond cut into a pear-shaped gem, and then in 1864 to 40,000 pounds sold, “English Dresden” eventually removed to India Baroda maharaja Malhār Rāo, collection history for up to 80 years.
In 1880, the diamond has worked with “Southern Star” together is mounted on a necklace, and has been redesigned in 1948 to more diamonds as decoration. Currently “English Dresden” by the Cartier diamond inlaid on one bracelet.
Most famous diamond Cartier in the history of mining in the 19th century, thus cutting process limited pincushion, Pear and other traditional, take care of cutting mode. Until 1919, the Belgian diamond cutter invented a new method of cutting –Brilliant Cut, will be a natural octahedral diamond cut into a large and a small two diamonds, perfectly showing various angles of fire color diamond, from here, the bright round diamond Cartier diamond jewelry has become an important role in history.
Early 1930s, “Pasha” diamond octahedron shape from Egypt sent Cartier shop in London, then ushered in the first buyer –Barbara Hutton. The vision is quite picky ladies, her natural shape diamonds not satisfied the requirements of Cartier to re-cut is a brilliant cut diamond, even at the cost of nearly 200 carats of raw petrochemical powder.
Poetic Diamants Mystérieux also in brilliant diamonds as the prototype of the invention. In 1934, Cartier designers first attempt to claw diamond inlay process will be fixed in the spring clip clasp on the back, so that This round diamond is worn vertically in soft hair, even the brow, smooth as dolphin glistening dewdrops slowly rolled down the face.
Halo jewelry and Eternity rings are the most prominent form of brilliant-cut design – “Halo Ring” design “halo” jewelry starting in the Victorian era, surrounded by small round diamonds main diamond, shining like a halo around the star; “eternity” ring symbol of endless love, so do not start and the focus ring, set with a circle the size of the cut gems are the same stretches of brilliant-cut diamonds have a more bright color of fire.
Cartier is still obsessed with the contemporary jewelery of brilliant diamonds – in this new release Galenterie de Cartier High Jewellery collection, we can see the brilliant diamonds and precious metals with simple, black lacquer and the substrate, set off by deep color diamond shining color of fire.
Designers get from 1920s Art Deco style inspired to “circle” as a core element of this series, will criss-cross rings stacked to form a perfect symmetry of geometric shapes.
Cohesion ring structure works particularly clever – arc ring wall extending natural transition for the arched surface of the ring pattern, just the center of the main stone firmly hold, round brilliant diamonds Fengyun outline exactly and cabochon shape echoes.

2016 New Replica Bvlgari B.ZERO 1 Rings

Replica Bvlgari B.ZERO 1 Rings
Replica Bvlgari has just launched a Replica Bvlgari Rings series of new season jewelry works –Replica Bvlgari B.ZERO 1 Rings, still with the Byzantine Empire for inspiration, the amethyst stone as the main highlight of the Byzantine monarch purple worship. New work combines the traditional filigree craft, slender serpentine curves through the Byzantine period to render complex decorative patterns.
The new series consists of five single product, including the crown, necklaces, rings, earrings and a jewelry watch, covering the most important form of jewelry, Replica Bvlgari Jewelry hoping to create a “modern version of Queen’s” jewel box . You can choose to jewelry as a single ornament, you can try to five single product portfolio to wear, with gorgeous stones inlaid prominent elegant femininity.
New work using a special amethyst cut shapes, inspired by the Byzantine monarch badge placed pillows, sharp edges gem sides coincided with the vine pattern on the pillow fit. Around the main stone rose gold to produce hollow overlapping pattern to highlight the rich layering complex pattern, the most special one watch even over dial hollowing out vine pattern, slender pointer looming, quite mysterious secret watch hazy temperament.
Empress Jewellery Box Rose golden crown, by Replica Bvlgari Jewelry
A total of seven amethyst mosaic, a small diamond embellishment.

Replica Bvlgari Jewelry B.ZERO 1 Gold Rings

Replica Bvlgari Rings
While gold ring fine jewelry line B.ZERO Replica Bvlgari Jewelry from 1 to ancient Egypt’s most awe and worship of animals –B.ZERO1 named designer will fit the shape of gold “flake” as a hinge pieces of a complete ring, realistic rendering of a grid-like alligator style.
In ancient Egypt, Pharaohs “Nile crocodile” fed pool in the temple, were decorated with ornate jewelry, and worshiped as gods. Ancient Egyptian dynasty (before 2686- before 2181) once B.ZERO1 named, Upper Egypt to the Nile crocodile sixth dynasty as a sign of the dynasty.
Designers to express “Nile crocodile” Theme by alligator this detail, and using the oldest precious material – gold to add to the history of temperament work. The whole work consists of 16 different shapes composed of scales, each one contour are bonded to each other, scales hinge gap also dotted with small pieces of round diamonds, reminiscent of the ancient Egyptians as the Nile crocodile made decorations.
The ring symmetrical design, the central decorated with precious stones inlaid edged “scepter”, a symbol of ancient Egyptian dynasties of the Nile crocodile worship. Scepter ends are set with a drop shape type of Iolite and emerald cut Beryl, which was a clear violet cordierite, this gem has a strong pleochroism, cutting processes are very high requirements; beryl and emerald gem belongs to the same family, because different coloring element with different green tones, emerald containing “chrome” elements, so that the colors more full, green beryl containing ferric ions, thus rendering light green.

Replica Bvlgari Jewelry has just launched B.ZERO1 bracelet

Replica Bvlgari Bracelets
Replica Bvlgari Jewelry has just launched a series of new season B.ZERO1 works, publishing three exquisite rounded Replica Bvlgari Bracelet. New work still to maneuver yellow gold as the main element, lap lightweight compact design, also suitable for use with wide-brimmed bracelet B.ZERO1 series match.
B.ZERO1 series draws inspiration from Replica Bvlgari Jewelry in Round Bead Setting Technique, as early as the 1920s, Replica Bvlgari Jewelry had to try to handmade Kim as a decorative gemstone edge, so that the works have a softer contour lines, and more add gem reflected light, B.ZERO1 word in French is beaded meaning.
This element has been extended in a number of series of Replica Bvlgari Jewelry – – 1948 release of “Couscous” series stars Kim to make use of the small strap and bracelet; “Twist” 1960 series uses the intertwined beaded shape; the most famous “Alhambra” series with a four-leaf clover shape ornament balls edge; B.ZERO1 will be endless stretches of the ball as the theme of this series.
The new work, there are three optional materials, respectively, 18K gold, white gold and rose gold. Jeweler first make a thin ring as a base, then polished Kim completed sequentially fixed on the outside of the ring, the last one by one for Kim careful polishing, showing a bright mirror-like sheen. Replica Bvlgari Jewelry design also corresponds to the slider a ball shape, easy to wear bracelets.